Wood Floor Inspections

Most information concerning wood flooring is difficult to obtain or contradictory. It has been my quest to take some of the frustration out of searching for wood flooring answers. In no industry is the saying “Caveat emptor” let the buyer beware more true. There is a billion dollars of loses associated to flooring problems each year in the United States.

I invest the majority of my time trying disseminating accurate information to the masses and creating educational programs for the wood flooring industry. I receive calls and emails from around the world every day on technical questions and flooring problems. I try to answer as many as I can as fast as I can. 

I enjoy investigating wood flooring problems to help create solutions. My main objective in the wood flooring industry is education. I prefer not to perform inspections that condemns a trade. I need to a good relationship with the trades in order to accomplish my quest of disseminating accurate information and trying to raise the quality of the industry.


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