Thank you for visiting my site. Wood flooring has been a passion of mine for well over three decades. A wood floor is the largest wood working project that most craftsmen will ever have the chance to work on.

 Although some may be considered a wood floor unrefined compared to a sculptured piece of furniture, my wooden canvases are commonly larger than the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. They are composed of thousands of boards which all dimensionally changing throughout time. It is the size of my wood canvas and the dynamics of the medium that intrigues me.

Most information concerning wood flooring is difficult to obtain or contradictory. It has been my quest to take some of the frustration out of searching for wood flooring answers. In no industry is the saying “Caveat emptor” let the buyer beware more true. There is a billion dollars of loses associated to flooring problems each year in the United States.

Your best insurance is to hire a Nationally Certified Wood Flooring Professional in your area. The professionals that are certified through the National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professionals program have proven their expertise. They have undergone a series of vigorous exams, both hands-on and written, to prove both their knowledge and skills.

Certified Professionals have to maintain their certification through continued education. They are among the best in the industry, and will help you achieve a high-quality job that will last for the life time of your home. Each Certified Professional is subject to highest ethics and complaint system in the world.




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